Club Racing News

An ever-increasing number of new learner sailors of all ages are participating in races and training activities this season.

To foster their development, a new category of racing, known as Division A, has been established for these sailors.

The category will run in conjunction and parallel with our club racing. 

Safety Training Day

Don’t forget the training scheduled for 0930 hrs in the Clubhouse on 2 October 2016.

Back to back club racing will follow at 1230 hrs

Junior Regattas

29-30 October and 3-4 December 2016

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Cat Challenge Regatta

5-6 November 2016

 The Cat Challenge, which started from an argument in the bar many years ago about which class of boat was faster, is a contest between the classes.  

Which class will be the champions this year?

Individual trophies are awarded though for the different divisions and the LCSC Top Cat award goes to the best performing individual boat.

Notice of Race

River Muster

19 November 2016

Explore the top end of the Lake and enjoy a social day up the Noosa River

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